Asbestos Removal and Re-Roofing

The solution is Scheltema, a certified asbestos remover and re-roofer with a well-established track record for quality workmanship.

“With asbestos being a deadly health hazard, expert removal is essential.” – Marcellus Finlayson, Commercial Manager at Scheltema.

The Scheltema Way
With over 80 years of experience in the industry, Scheltema has developed a highly efficient delivery system. Scheltema is well-equipped to take on a wide variety of projects via its systems approach to business, project management expertise, logistics capabilities, and trained labour pool.

The Removal and Reroofing Process
Scheltema employs the utmost care and strictly adheres to the Asbestos Regulations when providing this service. A description of elements adhered to on some of the bigger projects include:
– Cordoning off the affected area and evacuating occupants;
– Covering all furniture on the premises to prevent contamination;
– Stripping the asbestos sheets;
– Safely removing these from site;
– Supplying and fitting environmentally-friendly insulation;
– Refurbishing and repainting the structural steelwork where specified and;
– Installing a new roof covering to ensure that the building is protected from the elements at all times.

Throughout the entire process every effort is made to keep clients safe and to minimise any inconvenience.

Scheltema’s expertise is in this area is utilised by clients such as the City of Cape Town, Mercedes-Benz South Africa and Metropolitan Life to name but a few.