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Residential Roofing Specialists

While spring may tentatively have sprung, temperatures substantially lower than the seasonal average, coupled with torrential rains and gale-force winds made this year’s winter in the Mother City a particularly tough and grueling one. And if you were one of many home owners who also had to endure perpetually leaking roofs, dripping gutters and sleepless nights, you could be forgiven for thinking that a swift relocation to Phalaborwa might be the only way to ensure a good night’s sleep during winter.

Take comfort, help is at hand.

As a leading provider of roofing, ceilings and partitioning throughout Southern Africa since 1931, Schelltema is ideally qualified to advise on how we should fortify homes, hearts, and minds against the elements.

“Regular monitoring and conscientious maintenance of your roof coverings certainly goes a long way towards ensuring peace of mind during the winter months” said Scheltema’s Director of Roofing, Mr David Payne. “But if your home was built over 40 years ago and still boasts its original roof covering, the chances are that it has been irreparably compromised due to continual damage, wear and tear, and corrosion. And if this is the case, it may be expedient to replace the roof covering entirely, since ongoing maintenance costs may exceed that of replacement.

Scheltema, who operates extensively within the residential roofing market, offers an assessment on the condition of the roof, together with a free report and quotation. They also offer expert advice regarding the type of new roof coverage required – whether clay, cement, slate tile or steel sheeting – as well as the capacity of the existing roof structure to accommodate the load.

When it comes to selecting a roofing contractor, it is imperative that home owners select a company with a sound track record, since the replacement of a roof can be a tricky and technically demanding undertaking. “Our experience within the commercial and industrial sectors, and our expansive Heritage work, means that we are able to replace roof coverings all year round, in wet and dry conditions, and with little or no disruption to tenants” said David Payne. “This is demonstrated by our recent roof replacements to maternity and out-patients department roofs at Groote Schuur hospital while these departments remained fully occupied and operational’’

Re-roofing is not only technically challenging, it is also subject to extensive regulations, particularly with regard to asbestos removal, insulation, and materials. Scheltema is a certified asbestos removal contractor and therefore qualified to remove and correctly dispose of asbestos slate and Big Six Profile roof-sheets. The company also guarantees its work for a minimum two year period, and all products used are both SABS approved and environmentally sustainable.

Re-roofing involves high level construction and can therefore be dangerous. “What many residents are unaware of is that when undertaking renovations, they are ultimately responsible for the safety of the workers on site, and that unless the building contractor has the correct workman’s compensation insurances in place, the home owner may be liable for costs and claims should anyone be injured during the roofing or construction process”.

For this reason, it is imperative that home owners screen their contractors carefully to ensure that the company embraces responsible and sustainable labour practice. According to the company’s MD, Michael van Breda, Scheltema is governed by the rules and regulations as stipulated by the Building and Industrial Bargaining Council (BIBC) with respect to minimum wages, pension schemes, holiday pay and staff training, while their affiliation with FEM means that all Scheltema employees are registered for workman’s compensation. Furthermore, Scheltema’s MBA membership provides the homeowner with a measure of assurance to quality and standards of excellence.

Considering the complexities of roof replacement, home owners are best advised to engage with companies that have substantial experience in the field and who can ensure an expedient and hassle free service with minimal disruption to the home owner; that have extensive track records and credible references; that offer guarantees on both their workmanship and the products they use; and that embrace responsible labour practice and treat their workforce with respect and dignity.

“At Scheltema, we trust that our reputation speaks for itself and that our 80 year track record testifies to our capabilities, expertise and commitment” concluded Mr van Breda. To experience Scheltema’s service excellence first hand, please call 021 638-3121 or visit their website on