Health & Safety

At Scheltema, safety comes first. The company invests in compliance, innovation and training on an on-going basis. The points below demonstrate the company’s approach and commitment to health and safety:

  • Each site has a site specific safety plan that incorporates method statements, risk assessments, methods to mitigate risk, and a fall protection plan. Systems and procedures are in place to ensure that the plan remains a live system in that concerns are identified and actions implemented minute by minute to alleviate risk and ensure safety.
  • All Project Managers and Sub-Contractor Team Leaders are trained and qualified safety representatives who undergo on-going training in health and safety procedures, first aid, scaffold erection, scaffold inspection etc.
  • Scheltema has a dedicated and fully trained Safety Officer to co-ordinate all production activities.
  • Monthly site audits are undertaken by an external agency so that the company’s health and safety compliance can be assessed, measured, and areas of improvement identified.
  • Bi-monthly safety committee meetings are held to reflect on results and to continually improve the company’s systems and methodologies.

On-going innovation remains underway. Safety methodologies that incorporate retractable lanyard systems have been mastered. Fixed and moveable safety cables that span large industrial roofs are currently an area of innovation for Scheltema.