Investing in Tomorrow


Scheltema’s philosophy is one of on-going learning. Whilst much of the learning happens on the job, the company invests in many different areas on an on-going basis, as follows:

  • Health and safety training (through  MBAWC and outside training bodies)
  • Leadership training of Project Managers (Through MBAWC)
  • Legal and contractual training (JBCC and other through various service providers)
  • External and internal mentorship
  • Personal development workshops (e.g. the ‘’I care I can’’ course through Capstone Consulting)
  • Computer literacy, Excel etc (on-going and through numerous service providers)
  • “The Scheltema Way’’ induction programme which is essentially an assembly of all policies and procedures in the company.


Succession planning has contributed greatly to the decades of stability and achievement at Scheltema. This incorporates extensive and ongoing learning, training, and support at all levels within the organization.

Breaking new ground

The company is continually trying to innovate, develop, and break new ground. Below are a few examples of such initiatives:

  • Geographic growth into the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and Gauteng regions.
  • Bold undertakings within the specialised fields of Timber Frame Construction, Asbestos Removal and re-roofing, Heritage work and Eco-construction.
  • Expansion into Renewable Energy Installations (specifically Rooftop Solar)
  • A move toward  ISO9000 compliance
  • The development of in-house safety methodologies and technologies to  lead the way in industrial roofing within South Africa
  • Provision of a world class knowledge base of insulation applications to professionals and industry players