Residential & Small Scale

As a leading provider of roofing, ceilings and partitioning throughout Southern Africa since 1931, Scheltema represents a brand you can trust when it comes to residential new builds, renovations, replacements, and repairs. Scheltema’s capacity to install the full spectrum of available technologies and specifications goes towards ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction at each and every installation. If it is material only that you are after then look no further than Buildmate, a division of Scheltema & Co. Asbestos removal, specialist roof construction and heritage work all form part of Scheltema’s offering.

Commercial & Industrial

Commercial and Industrial services span the supply, installation, repair, and replacement of all types of roofing and cladding systems, as well as all ceiling and partitioning systems available nationally. Affiliated and project management services include guttering, waterproofing, painting, general maintenance, insulation, asbestos removal, and the specialised treatment of timber beams, rafters and trusses. Large scale asbestos removal and roof replacement projects, and turnkey office refurbishment projects form part of Scheltema's specialised offering.

Specialised & Large Scale

Scheltema has developed capabilities beyond its core of roofing, ceilings and partitioning which serve to further enhance its positioning within the marketplace. These include projects aligned to national infrastructure roll-out, projects implemented nationally and beyond South Africa’s borders, and long term projects that require significant project management capability. In addition, the company has earned a strong reputation in the fields of timber frame construction, asbestos removal, specialist roof construction, heritage projects and turnkey office refurbishments.