Transformation & B-BBEE

Scheltema’s active inculcation of the spirit of B-BBEE was evident long before the emergence of our new democracy. In the eighties and nineties, for example, two of the company’s four operating divisions were headed up by ‘black’ individuals who were company Directors at the time.

The following is testament to the company’s ongoing commitment to employment equity and transformation:

  • B-BBEE Level 3 compliance rating.
  • B-BBEE deal concluded in 2009 which resulted in Stephen Arrow Contracting – headed up by one of Scheltema’s long-standing Directors at the time – securing a 26% stake in Scheltema.
  • A profit share programme that promotes a sense of shared ownership and reward by committing to the distribution of 20% of its pre-tax profits.
  • Approximately half of Scheltema’s production is undertaken by labour-only sub-contractors. This has encouraged the formation and growth of multiple independent black businesses.
  • A Sub-contractor support programme has been developed to include:
    • Financial assistance and support
    • Subsidised provision / purchase of vehicles
    • Accounting and administration services
    • Mentorship and training
  • Strategies are in place to address the barriers to employment equity via recruitment, promotion, and reward
  • On-going Scheltema support and investment in staff as follows:
    • Financial assistance where applicable
    • Flexible remuneration packages
    • Various learning and training initiatives
  • Social Development (Socio Economic Development as per B-BBEE scorecard) is very much staff lead at Scheltema. Charitable investments are typically directed close to home – to family members of staff or into communities neighboring Scheltema’s head office. The company has established relationships with the Gold for Gold and Zip Zap circus school.