Massmart Western Cape

City: Brackengate
Duration: 6 months
Size: 65,000m2

This is the second largest facility in the Massmart Group. As sustainability is a priority for many business, this facility made maximum use of natural light and energy saving LED lights with motion sensors.

The longest sheet span from end to end was 213 meters. The span was made up of two sheets measuring 75 meters and one sheet measuring 65 meters. It was critical to ensure water tightness at the junctions between sheets. A custom designed step flashing was manufactured to ensure this.

When a project requires long length sheets it is recommended to use a concealed fix type sheet. For this project Saflok 700 profile was used. This sheet along with other concealed fix sheeting available in the market can be rolled to the customer’s specific length. With the concealed fix option no fixings penetrate the roof sheets. The sheets are fixed to a clip fastened to the purlins. Using a non-penetrating fixing method gives peace of mind that there will be no future leaks on the roof.