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Polycarbonate Roof Sheeting to Harness Natural

Are you harnessing natural lighting in your building?

With growing power cuts and escalating electricity costs many are seeking alternative sources of natural light. Polycarbonate roof sheeting is an inexpensive and effective alternative.

What are the advantages of natural light? Besides the cost saving on your electricity account, natural light directly influences our brain functioning and mood. In addition to improving concentration and productivity in the workplace, research into retail environments suggests that natural light may also boost sales because colours seem more vivid and true, making goods appear more attractive.

Choosing the correct colour or tint for your roof lighting can minimise solar heating. By changing the wavelengths of light that are transmitted through a material, in other words by changing the colour of the material, one can effectively alter the levels of solar gain to avoid overheating.

So, when considering your next roofing project why not do something environmentally friendly and harness the sun’s natural light into your building. Visit our Services page for more info.