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Roof Replacement Cape Town

“Regular monitoring and conscientious maintenance of your roof coverings certainly goes a long way towards ensuring peace of mind during winter months,” says Scheltema’s M.D. Wouter Viljoen. “But if your commercial building was built over 30 years ago, and still boasts its original roof covering, the chances are, it has suffered continual damage, wear and tear and corrosion. If this is the case, it may be expedient to replace the roof covering entirely, since ongoing maintenance costs may exceed that of replacement.”

Operating extensively within the commercial roofing market since 1931, Scheltema offers to assess the condition of the roof and supply a quotation, if required. The company also advises as to the type of new roof coverage required.

‘’Our experience within the commercial and industrial sectors, and our extensive heritage work, means that we are able to replace roof covering all year round, in wet and dry conditions, and with little or no disruption to tenants,’’ says Wouter Viljoen. “This is demonstrated by our recent roof replacements to the maternity and out-patients department roofs at Groote Schuur hospital, the Pinelands Municipality and Camps Bay High School, while these institutions remained fully occupied and operational.”

Re-roofing is not only technically challenging, it is also subject to extensive regulations, particularly with regard to asbestos removal, insulation and materials. Scheltema is a certified asbestos removal contractor and therefore qualified to remove and correctly dispose of asbestos slate and Big Six Profile roof-sheets. The company also guarantees its work for a minimum two-year period, and all products used have the necessary warranties in place and are environmentally sustainable.
Re-roofing involves working at heights and can therefore be dangerous. What many residents are unaware of, is that when undertaking renovations, they are untimely responsible for the safety of the workers on site, and that unless the building contractor has the correct workman’s compensation insurances in place, the building owner may be liable for costs and claims, should anyone be injured during the roofing or construction process.

Scheltema is governed by the rules and regulations as stipulated by the Building and Industrial Bargaining Council (BIBC) with respect to minimum wages, pension schemes, holiday pay and staff training. Their affiliation with FEM means that all Scheltema employees are registered for workman’s compensation. Furthermore, Scheltema’s longstanding MBA membership provides the land owners with an additional measure of assurance to quality and standards of excellence.