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Landmark Roofing Project Cape Town

A landmark project has come to completion. Well done to the Scheltema team on the successful completion of this project. Many long hours of hard work was put in without any injury on duty or accident. Scheltema is proud of our safety record built up over the years.

This project is located only 250 meters from the coast. The product of choice was Amazing White with a AZ200 coating. This means that for every square meter there is 200grams of zinc/aluminium coating. With the higher metallic coating and unique protective paint system this product is well suited for severe marine environment. We were able to offer a 15 years warranty against perforation by corrosion.
The selection of the correct product to use on your roof is of utmost importance. Be sure to ask for a preliminary warranty prior to starting your project. This way the roof over your head will protect you for the longest time possible.